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Saturday evening, November 12th, the winds picked up in Estes Park.  We have heard tales of winds clocked at 135mph that night.  The constant barrage of howling winds that whipped through the trees and around our house kept me wide awake for hours.  I laid in bed worrying about the tree that our deck is built around and the large pine in front of the house that towers above our room on the second floor.  I laid there waiting to hear the snapping of branches and crashing noises that would ensue if a pine tree succumbed to the fierce winds.  Eventually, after the doors were secured and re-secured I fell asleep and was lucky to have never heard those sounds of destruction.  Others were not so lucky.  The tree service line was ringing early the next morning with people calling for help.  Here is a video of Adam removing the first part of the pine tree that snapped in half and landed on the roof.  Today he is out getting the rest of the tree off of the roof and trying to get to the rest of the people that called with wind ravaged trees.