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rock climber, writer, photographer, working on life daily

Best fail video of all times!  Phil Schaal pumping out at the end of Slashface.


Adam Strong, The Rhino, Hueco Tanks

Really bad video of Mahar on Wooden Mushroom

Daniel Woods, Evangelion--video by Courtney using our camera

Sam Davis on Javelina

Paul Robinson sending Bastard in a Basket, Hueco Tanks

Adam Strong on A Single Word

Adam Strong, Crown of Aragon

Adam Strong  Cut to the Quick, Video by Logan Smith on our camera

Drew Schick, Scream


Thomasina, Dark Age


Feinberg, Focus

Logan Smith, See Spot Run

Tom Camillieri, Natural Disaster

Ben Conner, Shroom

Michael Barnthouse, Bodysnatcher

Ashley Veevers, Uncut Yogi

Adam Strong, Metal Detector

Scott Decapio, Between the Sheets

Nick Duttle,  Retour de Goupil

Jon Glasburg, Power of Landjager

Max Hassen, Fuill Service

Ashley Veevers, Revenge of the Choirboys

Sam Tingey, Hector

Adam Strong, Natural Disaster