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Adam and I live in Estes Park, CO for most of the year.  For three months we are in hueco Valley and hopefully for one month we get to travel.  I was born and raised in Massachusetts, went to collage at Loyola university in New Orleans.  After that I moved to estes Park for supposedly a year.  Fifteen years later I call Colorado home.   Adam and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  I bartend at The Dunraven Inn and we own Adam’s Tree Service.  My husband is a bad ass tree guy.  I help by keeping our books and doing payroll.   If you haven’t figured it out, climbing is our thing—bouldering mostly but one day you never know we just might rope up again.  Our busy season is from Aprilish through October.  We leave Colorado around Thanksgiving and head to Hueco Valley in East El Paso, TX the home of Hueco Tanks State Historic Site—one of the top three bouldering destinations in the world!  Here we own land where we let our friends camp at very reasonable rates and rent out a camper that is powered by solar.  We also own and operate Wagon Wheel Co-opt, a guiding concession In Hueco.

first time I saw home, Feb 2003

Day one moving onto Wagon Wheel!  Feb 11, 2006