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Mike Wickwire sending Lonely Mountain

Mike Wickwire sending Tetris

Gold Diggaz V10, Melissa Strong

I was psyched to do this before we left CO! Thanks Lt11 and Bronson for the Video.  Gold Diggaz V10

Ana Burgos on the Real Deal Beter Beal, Elk Land RMNP

Herm on Tetris, Wild Basin RMNP

Thomasina and Cedar, Thomo on Odie, Wild Basin


Summer and Fall fun in RMNP

Andy Klier on Real Hero, Wild Basin RMNP

Moose in the Basin

Flan on Elk Stone, Elk Land RMNP

Lake Isabelle --our destination is the boulder on the other side of the lake

Tommy Caldwell trying Keeping it Rail, the Hallet boulder

Me & Adam on Fireball The Hallet boulder

Tommy Caldwell on Weeping Willow Hallett boulder