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My husband, Adam Strong, and Cletus pointing to the hold that recently broke on the climb featured in that picture.























I have always enjoyed taking pictures.  I think it must have come from my father.  He always had a camera ready to capture special moments, the brilliant New England scenery, skiing and other family adventures.  He undauntedly lugged around bulky camera and/or video equipment on our family vacations--usually cursing at the weight of the latest contraption or when it would not function.  I will never forget the massive video equipment my Dad purchased in 1981--one of the first JVC video cameras.   It had an immensely large video camera, a very bulky battery pack and a VCR that was part of the ensemble and it all had to be tied together as one unit to work.  The whole family took turns carrying pieces of it tethered together around the sweltering heat of Disney land for that year's vacation.

Capturing moments does take dedication and time even for the novice.  The camera equipment has become much lighter over the years but when you pair some good equipment with a crash pad, clothing for a day in the mountains plus food and water it all becomes a heavy teetering load that I have hiked miles with.   Which is one reason why the camera phone has been a pleasant gift to the casual capturers on days you leave the larger camera at home.

Recently I was informed that in honor of Rocky Mountain National Park’s centennial celebration the local Estes Park museum was going to have a climbing exhibit on the history of climbing in RMNP as well as a bouldering exhibit.  I submitted a few photos and there were accepted as well as some pictures of me some good friends submitted, Gustavo Mosier and Sam Davis.

I am truly honored to be part of this exhibit, to be a Rocky Mountain climber and to call Estes Park, Colorado home since 1996!  This exhibit be on display until October 15, 2015 at the Estes Park museum.

Seeing my pictures arranged on someone else’s walls besides my own is motivation to carry that heavy equipment around and use it more!!!  Below are some pictures from the opening night of the climbing exhibit and some I have taken this fall and in the past. I am really excited to capture some new scenery on our trip to Switzerland this winter!

















                                                        My pictures of course are of Adam.  It was nice to see familiar faces!


People lining up to view the bouldering exhibit.














Crowded exhibit! Great showing Estes Park!





Some amazing friends and supporters under the beautiful skies

of Estes Park with Lumpy Ridge in the background.












                                                                                                                            Me at the exhibit with me and Sam Davis








Me and fellow prAna ambassador Rannveig Aamodt



















                                     Bear Lake RMNP























        The drive home from the park after getting rained out.



























Just down the street from the house--our dog walk trail.






























The view of Estes Valley from RMNP




























                                                                                St Malos Hwy 7




































Fall can end quickly in Estes--This was taken October 7th, 2011.  This year we are getting amazing lucky with a long fall!