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The end of Hueco—I am going back in time but it seems like I only posted on our efforts on bringing the 20th Hueco Rock Rodeo together. The Rodeo went well which was a great relief since I worked very hard putting the event together…to read more about it  I was so happy and fortunate to have my husband Adam’s help and a great team of volunteers who with out I would have been lost.  The AAC and our guides at Wagon Wheel and the Rock Ranch really brought the event together and made it hugely successful!


Although the event was time consuming, life existed outside of the Rodeo.  We had a great Hueco season being extremely busy with Wagon Wheel Co-opt which was the only operating guiding concession in the 2012/2013 Hueco season!  Overall it was an injury free season for me!  Amazing since it was the first Hueco season in the past three years that my shoulder felt better! Unfortunately, while my nagging injury faded Adam’s troublesome elbow tendonitis made a big return in a bad way.  The last month of Hueco he spent resting and nursing his elbows that unfortunately did not recover with this rest.   While laying off of climbing he was able to help get friends out in the backcountry of Hueco and get some videos and pictures.  Adam was a trooper--Hueco is not a fun place to be while resting.  While my best climber partner took some days off from spotting while injured I luckily had some great friends to climb with and made some new friends from overseas.


Despite being on the other side of stress and having a functioning shoulder…I have wound up on the same place I have been in the past—almost, really close, so many good burns on the project, falling at the end, down to the wire, hot last days with split tips.  Oh well I went down trying or I should say we—a good friend, Ashley Veevers was in the same boat and we had some brutal last days in Hueco but we went down fighting and with a lot of laughter.  A vow for next year was made and we drove away straight into a snowstorm that seemed to last all spring.  Bouldering always humbling, periodically rewarding, forever fun and for me a lesson in patience and perseverance.



























Ladies sessioning on Shroom, me, Bronson, Emma and Layla.



One of Adam's few days climbing yet still sending--The Man With the Black Lunettes

One of many good burns to the "end" on horrible holds in hot weather results to torn skin and

Ashley Veevers on Techo De Los Tres B's

Warm Days at the Wagon Wheel

Super windy Field Day


The Drive home--La Veta Inn possible saved our lives.