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Wagon Wheel Co-opt is our guiding concession in Hueco Tanks State Historic Park.  Back in 2006 myself and Adam Strong were approached by good friend John Wallace to see if we were interested in being part of a guiding concession in Hueco Tanks.  8 years later John has moved on but we still manage WWC.

Due to the nature of the park, having three of the four mountains accessed by guides only and having recently been through guide training in Hueco we agreed that this would be our best method of getting easy consistent access into the park for ourselves and friends.  Initially we were just a small group of people looking for less hassle and to avoid the crowds and large tours that can be in common in Hueco Tanks.

As time and life changes so do your plans.  We never planned on expanding but there were years we had no choice but to grow.  The Hueco Rock Ranch dropped their concession and before others could apply we were the only operating guiding concession in Hueco.  Thakfully more concessions have come into play and we all work together in Hueco Valley attempting to make access to Hueco's backcountry easier for all visitors.

We have become a web based business, making it easy for climbers to request tours and meet up with guides.

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